PrintedByHand is a for-profit organisation , unapologetically doing our best to survive in a cruel heartless capitalist dystopian world.

About Us

The Picture

Every picture tells a story. They are your stories, my stories . . . . . . our stories and they should be told . . . . enlarged , framed and shared . . . . . not stored away on a hard drive or in the attic!

Based in Rural North Meath, we aim to help maintain an interest in traditional printing techniques by providing a wide range of analogue printing and framing services.

Framing Service

A wide range of picture framing products and services available in Meath. Contact via email for details and pricing.

Analogue Printing

Film Processing

Processing black & white film formats 35mm, 120 and 5×4.


Black and white analogue printing and enlarging from all negative sizes up to 6×9.

Darkroom Classes

Coming soon, darkroom classes for beginners and improvers. learn how to process film and enlarge prints in a darkroom environment.


Digital Services

A wide range of digital services available on request, including scanning negatives in all sizes from APS to 10×8, photo-restoration, analogue to digital and digital to analogue. Contact via email for details.

Screen Printing

Custom or stock designs printed on fabric and paper using environmentally friendly water-based inks.


A Broad range of products and services coming soon